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  • 11 . 29 . 2011
    Christmas Decorations HAUL !!

  • 9 . 13 . 2010
    A Dream Closet Makeover

  • 8 . 26 . 2010
    Bathroom Before & After




  • 8 . 20 . 2010
    Nautical Designs

    Nautical Design elements can be showcased in many different spaces throughout your home. To translate the theme in this young man’s  luxuriously appointed bathroom attention was paid to the classic detailing of traditional nautical themes. A wall of custom wood paneling encases the sink and toilet areas making the sink cabinet, which was purchased separately, blend effortlessly in. An arched opening encased in st

    one offsets the dark marble tiles for a classic navy and cream color palette.. Even the sconces are reminiscent of a ship with a crisp, classic chrome finish. Proving a classic style will remain in style for years to come.

    Article written by
    Carrie A.Mecaro

    Robeson Design Studio


    “A top San Diego Design Firm”




  • 8 . 16 . 2010
    Sweet Dreams

    What could possibly be more dreamy or inviting in a bedroom than smooth textures and soft colors? We love how this Client’s neutral palette is accented with contrasting dark and light tones. The bedroom is serene and sophisticated for this busy couple (they have four young, active children). We can’t think of a better refuge for them to relax in after the end of a long day..

  • 8 . 12 . 2010
    Unexpected Staircase Storage

    At Robeson Design we are fortunate to have many exciting Interior Design projects that celebrate each Client’s individual tastes and style. In every one of our Client’s homes however, there is one commonly shared design element that simply makes each project a complete success. That design element  is the ability to transform unused, hidden space into fully functioning, useful storage space centered around each family’s individual needs.


    In this Client’s Dining Room we took advantage of the empty, underutilized space beneath the staircase and turned it into a custom wood paneled serving bar. Now, when our clients entertain, they have convenient access to a fully stocked bar complete with ample storage for glassware and spirits alike. A touch latch on the panel door keeps the bar “hidden” when not in use. When closed all you see is beautifully crafted wood paneling surrounding the staircase.

  • 8 . 9 . 2010
    A Fall Preview

    We can hardly believe its nearing the end of summer! But as the fall catalogues come rolling in we don’t need any more proof that the change of season is right around the corner. It’s interesting how our Interior Design projects fall throughout the year. Each one takes on a moment in time, seemingly and somehow always appropriate to our seasons. As fall approaches we are looking forward to the installation of some great projects we have been working on throughout the year. Here’s a preview of one  project that is rich in fall color , full of  beautiful woodworking and luxurious jewel tones.


    The new Family Room: with sweeping views to the heavens framed by beautiful wood cased windows and a new French Dr. A transom window above the door maximizes the skyline.

    The luxuriously appointed custom designed media center with a classic and comfortable new seating arrangement.

  • 8 . 4 . 2010
    Family Photo Walls

    Whether it be a look down memory lane or recent pictures, it’s easy to create a cohesive and put together  look when displaying a family photo gallery. Here are some helpful tips to consider when creating your family photo wall;


    *Measure out the available display space that you will use on the floor first, so you can arrange your pictures and frame sizes into the space  accordingly. Its a great way to have a “practice run”  on the layout before hitting nails into the wall. Don’t forget to measure the distance between each frame for better  accuracy when hanging.


    *Use frames of various sizes and thicknesses. Mix frame materials and sizes for an interesting and unique look.


    *Black and white images always make for a sophisticated and artistic touch. Use varying sizes of mat board to showcase your images.

  • 8 . 1 . 2010
    Simple Elegance

    Sometimes all you need to make a big impact in a room is a simple  grouping of objects. In this project the statement making arrangement is a staggered set of  pendant lights. Keep in mind the following helpful tips when arranging objects in your own home.


    * Play off the height of  different objects. In this project our “height” is actually the drop of each pendant light. Staggering the lights created visual interest in each piece and highlighted the individual shapes.


    * Create contrast. Our contrast is created by the ambient mood and  soft glow of the lighting. Its a perfect accompaniment to the serene colors of the room , yet  still sets itself apart as a focal point from the other accessories placed throughout.


    *Use an odd numbers of objects. Using three lights created the opportunity to highlight each various shape and form by creating a free flowing movement.

  • 7 . 28 . 2010
    Its all in the details

    What makes a project successful are the creative touches that go into each and every detail. These personal touches are crafted around  the unique and individual tastes of each client. For Amanda, small touches were created specifically in tune with how she would be living in her space. A favorite detail is the ribbon on her storage cubbies designed to be used as “hardware pulls” All it took was some thinking outside of the box, ribbon tied in a loop and  decorative beads as a final touch. Cute and functional.


    Another favorite detail of mine was her fish bowl. Chico, being no ordinary fish, could not be left in his old mundane bowl. Instead his new home is a reflection of Amanda’s new room. Brightly colored sand and rocks coordinates with accent colors used throughout the space. A new large shell provides shelter from his spotlight.

    To add a decorative and playful touch a flurry of  fire flies are placed in a swarming fashion up and around the clock, providing movement along the staircase.

    One of the most important and  functional touches was adding  storage drawers in what used to be a closed up staircase base. Finding space for storage in this bedroom was key, as no closet space previously existed in the room. Utilizing wasted space kept the room with ample space for her drum set and  new larger bed and wardrobe systems.