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  • 6 . 22 . 2010
    Young Adult Bedroom Design

    When designing for a young adult it is always important to organize and plan for your teen’s growing and changing needs. The plan for this young Client was to maximize her space to sleep, study and dress. An empty bedroom adjacent to her own was utilized to create the ultimate young girl’s dream closet, while her bedroom was transformed to maximize her sleep and study areas.When planning your teen’s room keep in mind the following design tips.

    Design Tip # 1- Visual organization is just as important as controlling clutter. Wall shelving is a great way to provide adequate storage space for photographs,books and other items that could easily end up on the floor.


    Design Tip # 2- Use a desk with adequate drawer space. Drawers keep items organized that tend to clutter the desk. Provide ample lighting for your teen to do their homework and study activities. This desk space was created out of the old closet area. The sliding doors were removed to provide a study niche.


    Design Tip # 3-Taking the doors off the closet opens the space and provides incentive to place items on hangers instead of throwing them on the closet floor. This spacious and fun wardrobe area was created by adding a chaise lounge and modern rice paper lanterns. Wall to wall mirrors and a shag rug create the ultimate girl’s hang out.


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